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MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: Although Reiki is beneficial to AID treatments, it is by no way measure a replacement for any medical treatment/s being prescribed by your practitioner. This service is to aid healing, balance and wellbeing for both humans and animals.

Disclaimer Notice:¬†Although all my services are genuine, regrettably, due to legal reasons, by law I have to state that the services offered by me are to be regarded as “for entertainment purposes only” and are therefore not a replacement or substitute for legal, medical, financial, psychological or any other related advice. Owing to the nature of the services I offer, because they are of a metaphysical, intangible or conceptual kind, I must legally ensure that you have an understanding of and agree to the above terms and it is with this understanding that I cannot offer any refunds. By authorising payment for, ordering, purchasing and/or using, etc any of the services, goods/items, etc. as advertised on this site and elsewhere, you are confirming your full acceptance and agreement of all the terms & conditions in their entirety.