Reiki & Other Healing Courses

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Here you will find various Healing courses including Reiki. You can complete these courses online, one on one training or through group classes. You will recieve all attunements required for the selected course, training manuals, required attunements and full live support either via phone, online chat or email, theory examinations and certificate of completion for the selected course once completed. Unless otherwise stated in the course all manuals and certificates are emailed and attunements are sent via distant attunement (chi ball). I do find when doing the various attunements that the connection between myself and the recipient is better when it is done either in person. over the telephone or online in either msn/windows live messenger or yahoo messenger. I have found that my students feel the energy a great deal more than from sending distantly like a lot of other masters do. With that being said I do recommend to all those that wish to complete any courses that when placing their order for a course and attunement that they add the Telephone or Yahoo/Windows Live Messenger attunement service. Please note that the Telephone attunement service is for Australian residents only unless you wish to pay for the costs of the telephone call. I have notice that some Masters/Facilitators attune their students to multiple level energy systems it is in my opinion that this is wrong. I have been taught by my Masters/Facilitators when learning new energy healings that you must ensure a time period between each level or when studying various reiki and other healing systems. This is to allow our bodies to become use to the energy vibration and the energy as it channels through us. I also provide a mobile attunement service for students in the Sydney Metropolitan area where I will come to you, this is for those that wish to have a more personal attunement experience and don’t have the time for travelling to me. If a healing system has three levels of attunement and a Master/Facilitator gives all three attunements on the same day to a student problems may arise in that too much has been given too quickly. It is not only physical but also emotional problems that have to be worked though as well. The student may also be going through a cleansing period since being attuned. Trying too many styles of Reiki or having multiple attunements too soon together can cause extreme physical reactions whereby the student could become very sick. If you wish to have either a mobile attunement or telephone/windows live yahoo messenger attunement you must make your selection when placing your order for the course attunement/empowerment otherwise the attunement will be sent via distant attunement (chi ball). Please note that when purchasing manuals and or certificates of completion you are paying not only for a hard print copy but also for postage and handling. Please click on the various courses we have available for further details.