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I offer Kundalini Reiki both as a face to face session, and as distance healing. You can learn more about Kundalini Reiki, and the types of sessions below. What is Kundalini Reiki? Kundalini Reiki is a very safe and gentle way to awaken Kundalini energy. When awakened via this method, there are no negative side effects as the energy is controlled and managed. Kundalini is seen in many traditions as the divine spark, or life force. It is inherent within the physical body, it comes part and parcel with the human form, without it we simply would not exist. Kundalini lies dormant within most people, coiled around the base chakra. Under certain circumstances, Kundalini energy can awaken of its own accord, known as a Kundalini awakening. For those people who are seeking a spiritual awakening via Kundalini, the aim is to force the dormant energy to activate and rise through the chakras, the energy centres along the spine. According to Hindu tradition the Kundalini rises from the base chakra up through the spinal channel, called sushumna, and it is believed to activate each chakra it goes through, releasing trapped energy, knots and blockages. With the activation of Kundalini, unresolved physical or emotional conditions come up for resolution and release. Therefore the Kundalini in its ascension becomes a clearing and healing force of energy. And thus the Kundalini awakening can begin a period of great change in your life. It is seen as an important (though not necessary) stage in our spiritual development. The reactions to this awakening vary from person to person, some may experience emotional states beyond their usual experience, others may experience more physical reactions. The Kundalini activation can also bring with it an expansion of perception, which is outside of the usual consensus of reality. People may experience visual phenomena, they may have visions of lights, symbols, entities, or a complete review of past life experiences. Often with the activation of the Kundalini there comes an opening up of psychic abilities, a person may experience precognition, telepathy, psycho-kinesis, and may even become aware of auras and develop healing abilities. There are two separate distinctions of Kundalini rising. There is a Kundalini arousal. This is a process where the energy is released in a controlled fashion and is perfectly safe, but will not lead to a full awakening. In essence it gives a taste, or experience, of the Kundalini energy, but only gives as much energy as the recipient can safely manage. Kundalini Reiki is one method to experience this. Then there is the full Kundalini awakening. Whether by accident or design, the energy rises of its own accord, in an uncontrollable fashion, and the experience lasts for an indeterminate period of time. A full awakening can be dangerous if the person is not ready. The Kundalini arousal, or experience, however, is perfectly safe for everyone, cleansing the chakras, energy channels and body over a period of time. Length Of The Session I offer Kundalini Reiki both face to face, and at distance. For a face to face session, this will typically last one hour. This allows time for us to talk, and for me to take some background information, and to assess what you hope to gain. I can also answer any questions you may have. This is followed by the actual healing session, and then an opportunity to discuss the results. For a distance healing, this will last around 30 minutes. Once booked, I will email you to arrange a time and date to send the healing. As you will be in a state of relaxation, your mind will wander of it’s own accord, and it’s therefore quite common to see vivid colours and shapes in your mind. These may have a particular meaning to you, they may not, but you can always discuss these with me at the end of the session you may also like to keep your experiences in a journal for future reference. Each individual that receives healing energy will have a different experiences, some feel cold, warm, numb or tingly sensations, especially around any afflicted areas, but all these sensations are quite normal. However, if at any time you feel uncomfortable please let me know. You can end the session at any time. After a session, you should drink plenty of liquids, especially water and have a light snack as this will keep you grounded and you must avoid alcohol. It’s also important to find time for yourself each day, for at least half an hour, where you can just sit and relax. Book a Kundalini Reiki Session The Kundalini Reiki session will be sent as a distance healing via chi ball, please place your order below. Once payment is received I will email you to arrange a date and time to send the healing. The below zip file is your consent form for you to complete to receive our healing services.

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