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The Angelic Empowerments course has NO PREPRQUISITES. The Angelic Empowerments was created by Rev. Wendi Robinson from receiving channelled information. Angels are very real, powerful and they are non-denominational. Angels are recognized as an integral part of the worlds religions and spiritual paths, however the ability to access their assistance has nothing to do with specific beliefs. No matter what lifestyle, beliefs, education or religion people are, all one has to do is to call upon the Angels for assistance. There’s no time or space restrictions on angels, at simultaneous times they can be with everyone who calls upon them. These Angelic empowerments are to assist you to connect with ALL the Angels and to understand the Angelic Realm. These Angelic Empowerments connect you to the natural energies of the Angelic Realm and prepare your physical body and energy system, this allows you to connect and individually work with the Angels. In this workshop you will receive the following Five Empowerments: Connection with YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL including meditation First Triad of the Celestial Hierarchy Seraphim Cherubim Thrones Second Triad of the Celestial Hierarchy Dominions Virtues Powers Third Triad of the Celestial Hierarchy Principalities Archangels – including Michael Gabriel Raphael Auriel Raguel Sariel Remial Jeremiel Chamuel Metatron Zadkiel Raguel Raziel Jophiel Azrael Sandalphon Haniel Ariel much, much more

To enable you to be confident as an ANGELIC EMPOWERMENTS MASTER you will receive all the support you need to complete this course.

You will be provided with ALL the necessary information and practice to have confidence in your ability to use and share ANGELIC EMPOWERMENTS with others – You’ll receive the extensive manual by Rev. Wendi Robinson.

Certification Requirements are

You’ll receive unlimited email support with your purchase.

Deborah provides YOU with the opportunity to be COMPLETELY confident and experienced at the time of Certification.

There are 5 empowerments/attunements to this system and it is advisable to have at least 3 days interval or more between each attunement. There is a detailed instruction on how to pass on each of these empowerments to others and a closing.

For this Training course the manual will be made available for download once your payment has been cleared into our accounts. The certificate will be emailed once you have completed the course and Empowerments however, you can select to have either the manual and or the certificate printed and mailed to you.

The 5 Empowerments are sent by distance either via chi ball, telephone or skype or a we do provide personal mobile empowerment service if you live in the Sydney Metropolitan area) or visit Deborah’s Reiki Healing Centre for the personal empowerment services for this training course. It is totally your choice.

WHAT IS A DISTANCE ATTUNEMENT? Quite simply a distance attunement is a way of receiving information from a distance without you having to attend anywhere in person. The energy around us stores information which we can tap into at any time. There are 2 types of distance attunement – chi ball method or pre-arranged method CHI BALL DISTANCE ATTUNEMENT The Chi Ball method is the preferred system by many as this can be accessed at any time – this cuts out any problem with time zones. The energy attunement is simply “stored” in an “energy ball” for you to connect with when you are ready. Full instructions provided in manual. PRE-ARRANGED ATTUNEMENT TIME Some people prefer to receive their energy attunements at a set time and date. What happens with this method is that you both arrange to meditate at the same time on the same day. I give and you receive.

You will also receive guidance and support during and after the attunement.

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