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Our Meditation circles are run weekly and provides the opportunity to meet like-minded people in a relaxed and nurturing environment.

-Learn how to do meditation with Spirit using our unique meditation method.
-Heal the mind, body & emotions.
-Become more conscious and enlightened as you connect with Source however you may interpret the Source to be.
-Practise quieting your mind for improved mental focus and creativity.
-Become centred, grounded, relaxed and get rid of heavy, negative energy.
-Take time out from your busy day and receive unconditional love.
-Become more in tune with Spirit, your angels, spirit guides, etc.

What to Bring:
A meditation journal and pen.
Meditation mat.


No prior meditation experience is necessary to enjoy the evening.

Our Meditation Circle is every Monday night from 7pm-8:15pm numbers are limited and you will have to register by contacting Deborah on 0411 410 058.


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