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Meditation can be practiced by everyone no matter what kind of pace of life or how your mind is,it will work for everyone. It is an effective way to quieten the mind and body which will then rejuvenate your entire nervous system.

Personal Meditation for a happier, healthier, new way of being.

Our personal Meditation Courses have realistic expectations in mind, you will learn techniques, and be guided so that you can enjoy the benefits that meditating regularly can provide for you:
– Meditation reduces stress and fatigue which allows your body to strengthen the immune system and also aid in lowering your blood pressure.
-Meditation improves your ability to concentrate, giving you clarity and creativity.
-Meditation enables you to successfully handle stress and empowers you to accomplish sounder decisions daily.

With our Meditation courses you are taught from the simple techniques to more advance techniques which allows you to control your mind. With realistic lessons that are practical, it provides a useful tool for how deal with life on a daily basis.

Meditation is easy!!!

From beginner lessons to more advanced lessons with our meditation courses you will learn how to meditate with confidence as part of your daily routine.

These are 1 hour private one-to-one meditation classes with no set times however, you will need to make a booking for your appointment.


If you wish to make a specific time on a weekly basis you will be required to pay in advanced for the month. The will be no refund or catch up class if you miss you appointment.

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