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About Reiki Healing Sessions

What to do you wear for a Reiki Healing session
Deborah recommends all my clients to wear comfortable loose-fitting clothing for example tracksuits, or t-shirt and shorts and no footwear is required.

Preparing for a Reiki Healing session
A quiet safe environment is essential to ensure that you receive the full Reiki experience, and to enable you into a meditative, relaxed state. To ensure this, all distractions should be removed, hence any telephone or mobile phone or pager should be switched off.

Before any reiki session I advise that you eat a light meal and drink water, and the use of the restroom is also advisable.

Deborah always ensure that your experience is one that is peaceful and spiritually inspiring.

With either incense or aromatherapy candles and relaxing, calming music Deborah will perform your Reiki treatment on a massage table or if you prefer to be sitting in a chair.

What you should expect during a Reiki Healing session
Deborah will discuss with you, your background, any sensations that you are experiencing, and any questions you have with you prior to your healing session.

Clients often feel heat, tingling or both where Deborah places her hands on the body during the reiki healing session and various other sensations could be experienced include colours, images, or emotions. These are a natural process of the reiki healing session.

As each of us are all different, so will be the experiences we each receive however, you will obtain the correct healing for yourself.

Reiki is performed with a gentle, light motionless touch, apart from changing hand positions; there is no massage or body manipulation.

After the Reiki Session
As Reiki sessions can be 45 minutes to 2 hours; depending on your requirements it is advisable to give yourself plenty of time to enable yourself to change back to a normal state of being.

A feeling of deep relaxation, with a sense of well being and inner peace is how you will feel after a Reiki treatment.

How often should I have a Reiki Session
It is suggested for the healing process to be effective that you have a minimum of 4-6 sessions. However, you may continue enjoying a reiki session to assist you in relaxing and alleviating any stress that you may have.

I advise all my clients that a regular once a week Reiki session is best. However, the frequencies can be lessened to once a month to maintain the benefits once your body has become accustomed to reiki. The main deciding factor of course is yourself as to how often you require a session.

Summary of a Reiki Healling Session
The Reiki practitioner lightly places their hands on the client’s body during a healing session.

Every 5 minutes the Reiki practitioner will move their hands to a new position on the client’s body.

A Reiki healing session will be 1-2 hours which will be determined by what the Reiki practitioner is required to do through the healing session.

Reiki can be used with massaging however, Reiki itself is not a form of massage the hands of Reiki practitioner do not move on the patient’s body during a session.

A Reiki healing session is performed whilst the patient lays on a massage table in a quiet and safe environment.

You wear loose comfortable clothing.

You will enter a deep state of relaxation through a Reiki healing session.

As one of the most exceptional, natural stress relieving therapies available experiencing a 1 hour Reiki healing session is comparable to 3-4 hours sleep.