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Reiki Healing Training Courses bring about personal growth and healing within yourself and others. In completing a Spirit Connection Art Healing course, you learn how to employ natural life-force energies and to use symbols to heal in the physical, mental emotional and spiritual planes. This will enable you to reclaim your happiness and reveal your true potential, also allowing you to pass this same gift onto others.

Our courses allow you to transform and eliminate negative emotions, aiding you in the prevention of those sabotaging patterns so that you can enjoy your life with ease. You will experience healing without fear or suffering, without re-living old traumatic experiences. This method is based upon my various experienced knowledge in spiritual counselling, energy channelling, personal mentoring, incorporating hands on healing and other healing methods. Some people possess and innate affinity for natural healing, you may be drawn to it, inspired by it, compelled by it. You may or may not knowingly practice it. So why not become a qualified practitioner?

Reiki (pronounced “ray-kee”) literally means ‘spiritually guided life force energy’. It is the ancient art of hands-on healing requiring an in-depth understanding of both the physiological and philosophical aspects of the human function, Reiki employs life-force energy flows to treat sadness, suffering and stress. Reiki is a physical art, it is best described as a “spiritual science”, it is not a religion and requires no particular beliefs.

For further information, please contact Deborah Grand Master/Teacher

All Courses Include Attunements, Guidance, Exams, Practitioner Manuals and on completion Certificates of Completion with Lineages.
Deborah conducts seminars, classes, courses and private/personal consultations.
There are some Masters of the various energy healing modalities that attune their students to the various energies without any time period apart, ie Kundalini Reiki workshop which gives the student all three attunements during a 1 day workshop. Deborah feels that this is a little irresponsible as it is not giving the student enough time to become accustom to the energy and the knowledge for each individual level.
Deborah’s mission is to embrace evolutionary healing with love and gratitude.