Meditation Classes

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Meditation helps decrease anxiety, depression, guilt, anger or fear allowing you to feel a sense of overall healing and wellbeing. Meditation improves concentration and performance as well as the benefits of clearing old patterns and allows you to let go of old patterns and beliefs that prevent you from living your life to the utmost.

Learn to meditate with simple methods to go beyond the normal way of thinking and keep your mind, body and spirit balanced, reducing stress and being able to relax.

Suitable for beginners and experienced.

As we are all individuals and each person is different in their ability to learn the various meditation techniques you will receive individual mentoring and you learn at your own individual pace. After each meditation class you will receive a light refreshment and be able to discuss with Deborah your experiences.

Our Spiritual Development classes helps you to awaken and develop your abilities to enable you to become more connected and enlightened.

We have both Meditation Circles and Private classes available.

Discounts for pensioners

  • Meditation Classes – Personal one-on-one Instructions