Tarot Reading Parties

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Are you looking for something different for your Hen’s, birthday, girls night in or corporate event?

Deborah and our other tarot readers can make your party or event the most memorable ever. This can be lots of fun for your guests, and is a great way to make your party or event memorable. Two Tarot Card Readers will provide insight for you and your guests and provide a memorable gathering which all can enjoy. The great thing about our readings are they are only 10-20 minutes for each guest so they can be back enjoying the rest of the party entertainment in no time.

Tarot Readings are one of the best ways of having a reading. A full deck of cards are used and cards are laid out in a spread for you, which gives a way to receieve an enlightning guidance reading. During a reading guidance is obtained from reading the cards and channelling messages from Angels,spirits, and guides, in order for you to obtain the messages that you need to hear and receive. Tarot reading can give guidance for a variety of reasons. You should always know before you are going to have a tarot reading what question/questions you are seeking guidance on to ensure a clear reading.

Below are some of the questions you may wish to know the answers to or have an insight as to what will happen in the future.

1. What insights can be given to me about fulfilling my life purpose?

2. What should I focus on in my life right now?

3. How can I manifest prosperity and happiness in my life?

4. What choices can I make in_____( situation/relationship with X, career, health)? Which are in my best interests?

5. What important messages do I need to know right now?

6. How can I manifest my full potential to achieve success in my life right now?

7. How can I improve my financial situation?

8. Can I experience a harmonious and mutually beneficial relationship with X?

9. How compatible is (person who inquirer is having a relationship with) with my personality?

10. Is it the right timing for me to start this relationship/new job/travel/ buy a house?

11. How can I move through this void I am experiencing right now?

12. What can I learn from this particular situation( the enquirer gives a brief description of a current or past experience)? ( good question for someone who is experiencing a hardship on their lives)

13. How can I grow from this hardship I have experienced?

14. What can I do to improve my health right now?

15. What is the purpose of my connection with __ ( person/ situation)?

16. What are my strengths that I can cultivate to manifest change in my life right now?

17. How can I release my grief/sadness which I am experiencing in my life?

18. How can I remove obstacles in my path of my goal which I am aiming to achieve?

19. How can I develop my spiritual connection to guide me towards my higher purpose?

20. What course of action can I take in (situation) which is for my highest good?

Whatever the issue you and your guests are seeking guidance on Deborah and our other wonderful readers will assist and guide you and your guests on your paths.

Being calm and grounded allows both Deborah and our other readers to connect with the spirit world to provide no nonsense, accurate, relevant readings.

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