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Spirit Connection Art Reiki uses a unique combination of traditional Japanese Reiki and Ancient Egyptian healing techniques that provides a fulfilling, guaranteed, potent healing treatment system.
No matter what your pain or trauma is, whether you are suffering from stress, a sporting injury, illness or the pain of separating from a long-term partner, Deborah can assist you. As her healing system works well on both physical and emotional issues.

Spirit Connection Art Reiki can assist you in many ways. It can:
Increase your energy levels Heal illness Accelerate injury recovery Strengthen the immune system Create a state of deep relaxation Dissolve difficult emotions Reduce stress

Reiki is not magic, and serious issues will generally require more than one session; but in most cases you will experience positive effects right from the very beginning.

A normal Spirit Connection Art healing session will last approximately 70-80 minutes and Deborah will have a brief discussion with you regarding any issues that you may have.

Deborah will then begin the healing session.

Deborah will realign your complete energy system, ensuring to clear any energy blockages and recharge any areas that are exhausted of energy.

Deborah will focus intensely on any specific areas that are disturbing you.

As the main cause of an illness is not always what it would seem to be. Hence, for healing to be effective it is essential that Deborah cleanses and recharges the energy system and work on the areas that are disturbing you.

This enables Deborah to ensure your entire body is given a complete energetic healing which has been found to be the greatest way to repair and heal issues that appear to hide deep within.

Deborah uses intuition to guide her during all healing sessions.

As each healing session with each individual is different it is important for Deborah to use her intuition therefore the healing treatments given to each individual may be different.

Finally at the conclusion of the treatment Deborah will discuss with you any feelings or sensations or emotions you may have experienced during the healing treatment. Deborah will then make a few suggestions to you so that you may obtain the most from your healing session.

Why not try our 10 minute express healing session before booking a full session.

Deborah also provides a mobile reiki healing services and distant healing services for further information please view the relevant Reiki healing pages.

After you have completed your payment please go to our Appointments Link at the bottom of the web page to make your booking or contact Deborah on 0411 410 058.

For information on our Reiki courses, please view our courses page.

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